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3rd Eye TPMS sensors

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    I'm upgrading my CarPC and have thought about adding TPMS to RR for my 4WD.
    SNO, do you still have a 5 sensor kit available ?
    How long do the batteries in the sensors last and what is the shipping cost to Sydney, Australia ?
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      I reckon the batteries last for a couple of years. I bought a set on eBay about 2 years ago and I reckon they were lying in the box for a few years too. One battery is nearly dead but the other 4 are perfect. However, they are easy to open up and replace the batteries. There is a white gel (like silicon sealant) which you can scrape off the underside of the sensor which will expose w philips screw. Take that out and the sensor board comes out. The battery is a Renata CR2450N. It is sort of welded onto the clip which holds it into place, but it's easy enough to burst out.