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USB Soundcard frustration

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  • USB Soundcard frustration

    So I have and M-audio sonica, which I liked, but am not using due to incompatibility with Media Car (new version)...

    I bought a pocket muse (don't bother that thing sucks big time, so sent it back and got the next item down)

    So I buy a Soundblaster Audigy 2nx.... Great sound, optical input works great for my xm-pcr (TouchXM is working like a champ too bad it's so damn basic) however now I'm suffering with having my eardrums shattered everytime I come out of hibernation due to the Sounblaster issue...

    This is fairly frustrating, I really want to keep using the soundblaster due to it's optical input, I've already shelled out too much for a USB sollution. There seem to be small apps that set the volume at boot, and something for standby however I need a fix for hibernation. Has anything at all been done to fix this that I may have missed?

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    Here ya go! works great for me!


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      I saw that, does it work coming out of hibernation or is that just on boot?


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        oh, good question. i have not actually tried it yet but i will check it out.