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1 serial port, 2 devices

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  • 1 serial port, 2 devices

    Howdy, I have a bit of a dilemma to ask you all about. I have an old Laptop (Fujitsu P120) that I am using with good success in my car. Very small, built in DC power supply, all the good stuff. My problem is that when I was planning to use a desktop for the project, I bought a Matrix Orbital Serial LCD display. I control my player with the IRman. The Laptop unfortunately has only one serial port. I don't want to toss the display because it is very nice and cost me $100. Is there any way to run two devices on the same serial port and virtualize the com port, or possible get the IRman to run on the PS/2 port? Any ideas are welcome.



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    check out as they sell PC Cards that allow you to add serial ports to your laptop.


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      Yeah, but they cost $139.95. I can buy a parallel LCD for less than that. I was hoping for a low cost solution like software or an adapter.

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        I'm pretty sure they sell parallel->serial converters.
        Check yer local computer store.


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          Sorry parallel->serial converters are not cheap its much more than just a physical difference the convert would be have to translate the 1 bit at a time of serial to 1 byte of parallel...abput your only option is to use a switch


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            They sell USB to serial adapters. Evation is also coming out with a USB version of the IRMan.


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              Which would be great if I had any usb ports....thanks anyway though


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                I had the same problem... one serial port that I wanted to hook two devices to, an LCD and a Remote. What I decided on instead, was using a gamepad device from microsoft which I dont really use to play any games with. Using some software you can grab off of Microsoft's site, you can add all sorts of key macros. That combined with a keyboad plugin, should work pretty well, and took no additional space because it pluged into the soundcard. This won't work though if your laptop doesn't have a gameport.
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