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Interference Static When Accellerating the Car

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  • Interference Static When Accellerating the Car

    I just got a new system set up in my car. (the previous had the mobo in the airbag compartment (no airbag) and the screen mounted to the ceiling) in my new setup I put the computer in an MDF box in the back of the car, and the LCD in the dash of my car. The first time I tested it today (and all times after) I got a very loud whine feedback noise when accellerating.

    The noise is always there as long as the car is at idle it is low, and increases with RPM. It gets higher and hissier as the RPM increase. What can I do to isolate this noise? I did use a cheapo 1/8" jack to RCA thats 10' long to run the sound, and that is probably the cause.. should I ditch that? Or is there somthing else I need to do? I could run the audio back in a thicker RCA cable.. should I do that instead?

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    check all your grounds ("earth points") relating to the audio and the carputer also have a look at noise suppresors found at most car audio shop or radio shack.


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      Should I ground the plate that the motherboard sits on to the frame of the car? I am thinking I will just switch to the RCA.. or USB audio.

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        Most noise related to audio (engine whine) is cause by either cheap RCA cable or Power cable is run along with RCA cable or not solid ground in audio system (included PC).

        - Get a decent RCA cable
        - DO NOT run power and RCA cable together. Power on one side, audio on the other side.
        - Make sure all ground point is tight and cable is as short as posible.
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