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what did I do wrong with my dlink ?

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  • what did I do wrong with my dlink ?

    hello everyone

    I have an odd problem, my dlink worked 100% with my griffin powermate on my laptop (for testing etc) now i have all my bits for the pc together, I am migrating them from my laptop to my actual carputer (on the bench)

    When dlink starts automatically it pops up an error message "value must be between 1 and 214746473" once clicked the error goes away and dlink works 100%, if I then use the "volume controller setting" on dlink to adjust my input devices etc to agree with the powermate, so that when I turn the power mate the volume control on the dlink works and the mute toggle works, the dlink application "sort of crashes" I can continue listening to the radio even though the software is non responsive and then as my usb stays powered even if the pc is shut down, the radio continues to play even if the pc is off.

    What do I "fix" to stop the error ? I looked for an .ini file or similiar to change a value and couldnt find it, I also reinstalled and that didnt help, but on my laptop it works 100% ! ! ! ! ! i am using at present the onboard sound card and the problem occurs whether it is plugged into mic in or line in !!!!!

    I am not yet using radiator or media car / media engine / car box etc that will come in later once the low level bits are sorted......

    Nano ITX / 512 MB / 60 GB / Panasonic slot load / M1-ATX / Bu303 / Sound blaster 24 / PPi amps / rockford sub