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    Im not trying to start a revolution or anything but I have this idea: Not too long ago we did a petition to try to get VIA to release ALL version of the ITX right? My thought is this, why not try the same with some of the companys that are designing our cases? We are too many, too strong to be overlooked. These companys know how and why we use this(VIA/EPIA) board (for the most part) so why can't they make cases we could use? I would love to be able to find pre fabed cases for various applications. A TRUE DIN sized case (thats 7x2x7) DIN and a half (7x3x7) and a double din case. The C134 comes close but it too long for many dashes. Ive known of some in this forum that have cut the backs off, but couldnt the company just sell them like that in the first place? Im not trying to sound lazy or nothing but **** ever other application for computing has is own special case/ Kit. Dont tell me Im alone in this
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    There are so many options, but I agree, if we spec'd out a case setup for ITX form factor, and leave out the power supply (most of us are using a opus, too big, or an on board solution so we dont need a space for it really) and make a slim cd slot, 2 usb's, maybe firewire, an audio in couldnt hurt, switches, and a couple led's i think we would be set. It would (on the single din anyway) have to use a laptop drive, where the larger cases could be set up to use either. On the double din, it would be nice to see an area for a pci riser too. I would like to see a double din setup that housed the lcd in the upper din area and the pc in the lower. Kinda like stacking the digitalww unit on a c134 case, but all in one. dream!
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      DIN cases will be a better option when the Nano-ITX boards are available.

      I've tried to find the ITX factor design specs on-line to get started on this, but to no avail.
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