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Creative Portable Zen, something to look out for

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  • Creative Portable Zen, something to look out for

    I saw this a couple of weeks ago and it's still not out on the market but I'm quite interesting to see what price this device will fetch.

    There's still very few details about this thing but if they have on this thing :
    - aux output
    - USB connection
    it could possibly be a good base to start a Mp3car player for possibly a low cost solution.

    It has :
    - 3.8" screen (very small but supports vga so it might be tolerable)
    - Internal battery (could be use as an alternative player for music when out camping or deep sea diving)
    - Hard drive of 20 gig (a bit on the small side but I'm sure it might be 'upgradable' in the diy-way to a higher size laptop hard drive easily if need be)
    - Windows based so could slap on GPS, camera, etc. (using a USB-hub for multiple device) with software if there's a USB connector.

    It might be very limited for it's functionnality compared to a more overall caputer (GPS / Camera on USB, touchscreen, OBDII connection, low processing power could limit use, etc.) but for something that would be limited in it's functionnality, this little thing holds some very good potential... all depending on what's the price gonna be.

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    Forget the car! I want one in my pocket!

    Pretty soon our phones will do all that. They almost do already.