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Modular carputer?

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  • Modular carputer?

    It's back to the drawing board time after about a year of a happy carputer. This week - ok, maybe last week, the whole thing started coming apart. Now, after a complete reformat and CMOS clearing, I still am unable to get WinXP to detect the ACPI and no, my primary IDE channel isn't detecting anything. I think a combination of heat and a bad position - lots of knocks and dings - hasve caused the thing to die. So, my plan is to try to squeeze as much of this out of site in a Nissan Xterra. I think that breaking the components up into separate cases would help out immensely. I'm using an Opus PS and will probably get another Epia board. My HD is a standard 3.5" type. I also have a slim-line DVDROM. Has anyone done something like this? What are some things to keep in mind? I'd like to keep as much of it under the seat as possible.

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    Now thats scary.


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      Which part is scary?