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  • ToughBooks

    For those of you looking for durable computer to put in your car, this is for you. Browsing through Ebay I came across this:

    That's a pretty good price for such a classic durable laptop. Despite thier speed, they could still be used for GPS and media in your car.

    I envy those who own these beasts-Magnesium shells, Gel hard drive shock absorbsion, and practically weather proof...what more can you ask for a PC to go offroading with? These things have indeed passed pretty rugged tests, and are used by the US Army, etc. These look mightly tempting. I must resist pressing the buy now before I find myself in debt. Oh Crud! Too late! Enjoy.

    *Edit. Hmm, no Cd Drive, but hey, add your own USB one or a network card to compensate.

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    I have one like this (but 300Mhz and CD) and they do exactly what they were built for. Not the fastest or best equiped laptops but my 300Mhz used to play DivX with only 64mb of RAM before i upgraded it and once i fell asleep doing coursework in bed and the duvet blocked the air vent and i woke up as it got so hot the case burned my leg - but it was still running! Tough little b*ggers!

    Oh and i still get over an hour out of the battery and it is 5 yrs old and been well abused!!!