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Epia Heat question

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  • Epia Heat question

    my carputer is currently rebooting over an over again.

    I got into the bios for a brief moment and saw the temp was 36deg celcius/100 fahrenheit

    is this the problem?

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    most intel chips are stable in the 170-190 (fahrenheit) range, and I can't imagine other chips being much different.

    How much power do you have going to your system?
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      Swap out the PSU. It may not be supplying enough power.

      Also, the temp is fine. When it gets to around 65 or 70 Deg. Cel. is when you need to start worrying.
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        but mine does the same thing under the same circumstances on any PSU, even with an inverter.
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          at what point does it reboot? does it actually make it in to the o/s at all? does it post? is it consistent when it reboots? what motherboard and processor are you using? what psu?
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