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Video/Sound Card - onboard vs. usb

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  • Video/Sound Card - onboard vs. usb

    alright, I'm still in the beginning planning phase of my carputer, and I'm just brainstorming about what hardware I'm gonna be using. I hear opus is the only way to go for power, so.. alright. I'll use the 150w opus. Now, I'm concerned about my power usage. I've been looking around at mobo's, and I haven't seen any "absolute" in carputer mobos. (Suggestions welcome) I wanna run something 1ghz ish..

    My only problem is, I'll probably be doing some gaming, so I'll want a decent video/sound card (ie. not onboard[unless someone knows of a great onboard mobo setup]). I have an extra ATI AllInWonder 9000 pro, and I was considering using that, but I was concerned about power.

    Summary : Does anybody if 150w would be sufficient for a 1 ghz mobo, 30-60gb hard drive, 128 ram, all in wonder 9000 pro, and a usb sound card ?

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    that'd be pushing it. I think you better hold out for at least 200w if you're not using onboard media devices.

    Some integrated video cards have 64 - 128 embedded video memory. I'd try to stick with onboard setups if you can.
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      Is it possible to just stack 2 150W Opus PSU's? (Assuming your alternator could carry the load)

      EDIT: I know that you have to jump 2 of the pins on the Mobo connector, I did it on a test PSU I have laying around here for testing fans, ect...


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        hm, that's a possability, again.. assuming the alternator could handle that. I dunno, I may just buy a mobo with onboard for starters, then upgrade later.

        any body else have any solutions ?

        or if not.. anybody lookin for an all in wonder 9000 pro ?
        I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.


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          well, if you run the via nemiah (sp) 1 ghz mobo... and add a pci sound card.. you should be totally fine in terms of performance AND power usage..

          i'm running a via 533 Mhz (additional specs in sig) with a PCI sound card, and the opus 150w seems to do fine.. and with my rather elementary measurements could handle a few more devices fairly easily.
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