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Video and CPU Comparison

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  • Video and CPU Comparison

    Can someone knowledgable in embedded graphics please help me determine which embedded video chip is better:

    Intel 815EG and VIA CLE266

    Particularly I'm interested in DivX and some lightweight Direct3D (not hard-core games, I know these chips can't really do it).

    Also, if you could choose between a Socket 370 PIII up to 1.4Ghz or a C3/EDEN EBGA based board, what would you choose?

    I know the PIII would be faster right? But what about heat problems? I live in Houston...

    Thanks all.

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    I'd take the PIII. As long as you have your case well ventilated and not in direct sunlight, you should be fine. Pentiums are stable at about 180 F (more at peak performance) and with embedded graphics, you're gonna be safer in terms of heat.
    The Intel has digital video capabilities and seems to be a better video setup, although if you're only worried about divx and simple direct 3d games, then either would be more than sufficient.
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      You should be fine as long as you have at least 256mb of RAM.

      Where abouts in Houston, as I may be moving back there soon?


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        Thanks guys.

        I live in The Woodlands and I work off Westheimer near BW8. It's a 50 minute drive each direction on average, hence the reason for the car PC: Mostly music.

        I am mainly comparing the SP300 and the E10000N (C134).

        Anyone seen that SP300 anywhere else? I know CappuccinoPC just re-brands other peoples hardware so I'd like to shop around. That little case seems like a deal. It's 1.25" more narrow and nearly 1/2" shorter then the C134. They're both about the same depth and this one takes a full PIII and has the Intel 815EG. Seems to me to be a better buy, but I'm still open for opinions.

        Thanks again guys


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          *Sorry* I hate it when people bump their own threads but I'm getting really close to making my purchase and I just wanted to make sure no one had anything to add. I won't bump it again.