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Where do you do your software install/setup?

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  • Where do you do your software install/setup?

    Do you hook your VIA up inside with a normal power supply, and then transfer it to the car with the Opus?

    Or do you get everything into the car hook it up to the Opus and install the OS and other goodies first?

    I'm contemplating which way I should venture.
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    inside then move to outside. I have a router so I have my main pc hooked to it also so I can transfer mp3's and what not.
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      I don't have a Via, and I don't have an Opus, but I do all my setup inside on the LAN feeding the PSU with a 14v power supply, and then move it to the car.
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        set mine up inside as well


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          Still setting mine up inside. I've actually spent a lot of hours getting everythign just the way I want it. Figuring out bugs, etc. Plus I don't go blind looking at a small screen all the time.
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            I will be setting mine all up inside, then install in the car and test it once again.

            Once in the car I will use wireless nic to update the mp3s and whatever.