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question about powering a usb rom

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  • question about powering a usb rom

    im putting my carpc in my hatch and the full side dvd-rom up front in the dash. I already have the ide to usb adaptor so i can run a usb cable back to the case to connect the rom. Now all i need to do is figure out how to power it. Should i just chop a connector off a spare i have and splice it into the connector off the harddrive and run the cables along with the usb?

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    thats what i did


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      awesome thanks. Also, do i need to splice in all 4 wires that connect to the connector or just the red and the 2 black for power and ground? what is the extra black and yellow one for


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        youll only need one ground but yes the red wire is for 5v. Never hurts to throw the multi meeter on things though. Half to get in the habbit and half to be safe.



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          why is there 2 grounds coming off the connector? red. black. black. yellow


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            it's for allowing more current through the cable, if you will. if u have a device that draws tons of current on the 5v line, u might be more or less current limited on the 12v side if that is also drawing lots of current and using the same ground wire as the 5v line. this really won't happen today though...i'd imagine its something that was passed down from the original computers back in the 80's. so ya all the black wires u see comin outta ur supply goto the same ground point. and the yellow wire is +12v.
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              thanks, hopefully i can get that done tonight and get my pc installed in a few days