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What cable for the LCD to the trunk?

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  • What cable for the LCD to the trunk?

    What kind of cable should I use to bring back to my trunk? I'm gonna have the LCD in front and the PC in the trunk so will I have any signal loss? I was thinking that a parrallel cable would work. I went to best buy and they're like 25 bucks so I'm just gonna make my own. What would be the reccomended gauge for the cable? Thanks!

    I'm expecting my LCD in the next day or so!

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    Lesson number 1: Never go to a main stream computer store for a cable. If you can find one go to your local "mom and pop computer shop" you should be able to find a cable for less. I would definatly have to say that it isnt worth the trouble to make a parrallel cable. I use a 10' printer cable, and it works just fine. If you cant find a local store, you can just find it for $2 on of course you will still bay $8 for shipping, but that is still less than the $25 at best buy.
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      Lesson #2: after a couple of hours of trying to solder the 72 connections (36 on each end, you're gonna wish you had spent the $25 on that printer cable, because it probably wont work the first time you do it.

      Personal experience.
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        Just make it yourself. Buy the cable, plugs, solder and some heatshrink tubing to put over each connection once soldered works well to stop the possible shorting of the printer wires being close together on the printer plug. Dont worry about interference, you are only covering a few meters and the data between the PC to the LCD is a slow data transfer rate....
        Project - GAME OVER :(


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          Parallel cables are only 25 pins, so that's only 50 connections... which would still suck

          I got a 25' cable for $5 at the good ol' local computer shop.

          Also, I didn't have and problems running my lcd off of a 25' parallel cable.


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            I got my cables in an "open package" deal. You might want to check some deals at your local computer store. They were about $10 for the really expensive Belkin parallel cables.



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              I used 26 core, non-screened from my boot to the front of the car,(5m), When i first tried it the display lost its timeing and went to pot so i soldered some 1K resistors on the data lines and commend them to +5v display power source. It works fine!!!