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LCD picture quality not good. Will shielding help?

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  • LCD picture quality not good. Will shielding help?

    I have a Sharp LQ10D367 LCD and the Allen Ruble VGA to LCD controller card, cables, etc. (Thanks Allen!)

    I finished building the vga cable and hooked the LCD up to my dual head Matrox G400 (Celeron 850MHz/128Mb RAM) . To test the picture i played Shrek using PowerDVD. The picture on the monitor looked great but the LCD quality was poor. It seems like wherever there was red, the pixels really showed. Other colors looked fine.

    Also, in Win98 where ever there was red, the pixels really stood out and the other colors looked fine.

    Now this is just a prototype set up so there is no shielding on anything including the PC (side open), controller card, inverter, and the vga cable where it is hooked up to the video card. But before I get deeper into this project, I have a couple of questions:

    Does anyone have this LCD and does the picture look OK?

    Does anyone have a similar LCD? How is your picture quality? Particularly red.

    I know shielding is very important but could this be the source of my picture quality problems?

    Your insight is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Pigseye

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    Hey pigseye double check your VGA cable . Sound like one of the wires aren't in the right spot or not making a good connion on the vga cable

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      Thanks Allen, I'll double check again.