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  • Need more CPU power

    I currently have a VIA EPIA M1000 in our family car, and it works flawlessly. I have found that I need more processing power though.

    The CPU is fine for GPS and Music (WMA/MP3) playing at the same time, but I get choppy divx playback on some of my content. I encode with a high kbps. I basically get about 10 Megs/minute of content. I am playing the content of the HD. Most of the material is ok. I am having most of the issues with the older divx versions, most of the new encodings seem ok. I can play everything from my desktop no problem. The issues get worse when I also run the GPS program with voice guidance (Routis) at the same time as playing divx content.

    Currently my setup is one monitor for up front. I am planning separate screens in the back for movies (separate graphics card for the back), so I will be doing GPS for up front and movies in the back. Eventually I will split the sound also using two sound cards.

    I basically need more CPU horse power than I have now.

    I have been looking into the AMD Athlon XP Mobile CPU’s and they run at about 45 Watts for the 2500 model. Combine that with a Micro-ATX motherboard (Asus A7V8V-MX), and you have a fairly powerful and compact package with a total power consumption of around 60 Watts (excluding peripherals and drives). Total MB+CPU will be around $150, so actually the same as the VIA MB/CPU.

    What do you guys think?