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Ground loop isolation for DC-DC power supply?

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  • Ground loop isolation for DC-DC power supply?

    All I have seen indicates the use of Radio Shacks ground loop isolator to inverters. I don't know how a 1:1 isolation transformer would do anything for DC. The problem is that I have a noticable buzz in tune with the ignition/alternator. The computer is in the cockpit without a case. I have run wires to a commom ground point but this didn't help at all. I believe it is a grounding issue because when I touch the phono plug to the grounded chassis, I can hear the buzz again. (unplugged from the sound card I don't hear it.)
    Need help
    Alex Channell

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    Something I don't understand. If I put the audio in line on one side of my GND wire (the one to the DC-DC psu) near the psu, it has a large ammount of ignition noise, but 1 ft away, where it connects to the chassis, there is nearly no noise. Why is this and how do I eliminate it? Putting a larger gauge wire helped but didn't cure it.

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