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Do you guyz know this cool machine?

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  • Do you guyz know this cool machine?

    I am in Japan at the moment for my holiday, and saw this cool car stereo by Kenwood.
    Z919 which is a 60,000 Yen (approx 600USD)
    Has all normal specs of CD player, but plays MP3 files recorded on CD-Rs! Isn't this what everyone want? Its cheap too, I have spent well over that building my own deck! They also have another model that works in conjunction with your existing stereo. I will be happy to send these to who ever want them, email me if you are interested.

    Have a look at .... I think that is the right URL.

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    could you please place an exact link!



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      Anyone know Japanese?

      <a href=""></a>
      I wonder if this things uses English text...

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        Alright guyz here is what I translated : )
        Some of it is a literal translation and I don't have a clue whatthey are on about.
        And if anyone from Kenwood is reading this, I know that the text has copyright, but hey you couldn't tanslate it anyway!!
        Oh by the way, the freq range of FM radio may be incompatible with your country. (e.g. 95.8 FM Capital radio for those in London is beyond the range), but I had a radio that has a converter function before... I wonder if this one has.

        from: separate component z919.htm

        MP3 compatible multi-control MP3 CD receiver
        Retail price 60,000 Yen (exc Tax)

        -A single unit CD player that can play MP3 files from CD-R/RW.
        -High quality circuit design for digital sound.
        -dB(dynamic boost) equalizer PRO.
        -Sound levelizer (6 pattern).
        -Speaker select function.
        -MD/CD twin changer control function.
        -Built in 45W x 4 twin power amp.
        -External power amp control.
        -Featuring System E's PRO.
        -Can display CD text.
        -Can play CD-R/CD-RW.
        -Can display MD title.
        -Electric fully automatic slide panel.
        -Disc/Station name memory.
        -1.5V high voltage RCA2 pre-out.
        -4 mode timer fuction.
        -2 mode font display.
        -10 key hand grip remote control included.

        [CD section]
        -Frequency range: 10Hz - 20kHz(+-1dB)
        -S/N ratio: 96dB(1kHz)
        -Dynamic Range: 95dB
        -Stereo separation: 90dB
        -MP3 decoder: MPEG-1.0 - AudioLayer-3

        [FM section]
        -Receiver Frequency range: 76.0MHz - 90.0MHz (100kHz step)
        -? 9.3dBf...
        -Freq: 30Hz - 15kHz(+-3.0dB)
        -Stereo separation: 40dB(1kHz)

        [AM section]
        -Receiver Frequency range: 522kHz - 1629kHz(9kHz step)

        [Audio section]
        -Max output: 45W x 4
        -? output: 28W x 4 (4ohm, 1kHz, 10%THD)
        -pre-out level: 1500mV(FM/10k ohm)

        [Common section]
        -Voltage: 14.4V(11 - 16V)
        -Current drain: 10A
        -Dimension: 178W x 50H x 160Dmm
        -Weight: 1.6kg

        from: separate component d919.htm

        MP3 compatible CD player
        Retail price 47,000 Yen (exc TAX)

        -MP3 compatible CD player to be used with a centre unit.
        -Electric fully automatic slide panel.
        -AUX input (RCA).
        -Preset ? 10 pattern + 3 user pattern.
        -Can playCD-R/CD-RW.
        -Sound levelizer.
        -Can display CD text.
        -Disc name memory.

        [CD section]
        -Freq: 10Hz - 20kHz(+-1dB)
        -S/N ratio: 93dB(1kHz)
        -Dynamic range: 93dB
        -Stereo separation: 85dB
        -MP3 decoder: MPEG-1.0 Audio Layer-3

        [AUX section]
        -Input level: 1600mV(MAX)
        -Voltage: 14.4V(11 - 16V)
        -Max current drain: 0.9A
        -Dimension: 178W x 50H x 160Dmm

        from: q_and_a.htm

        919 series FAQ

        1.about connection

        Q.Can D919 be connected to other standard car stereos from other manufacturers?
        A.919 series uses its own code (cord?) system for connection, hence D919 and all 919 series cannot be connected to other manufacturer's car stereo system.

        Q.Can D919 be connected to other than 919 series and old model's BUS series?
        A.D919 uses MZ-BUS for connection, so it cannot be connected with other series (DPX/RX series etc...). MZ-BUS is used in 707, 909 series, so generally it can be connected with 707, 909 series (Please ask in the outlet), but limitation exists; such as not recognizing folders when playing MP3 discs.

        Q.Can 919 series be connected to 24V system car?
        A.919 series is made for 12V cars, it cannot be connected to 24V.

        Q.I want to make a MP3 system with a tape deck.
        A.The BUS is the same as the last year's 909 series, so by using Z919 together with X909 you can make a tape+MP3 CD player system. However X909 has small stock left and is out of production.

        Q.Can D919 be used on its own?
        A.As D919 does not have an amp, volume control section it cannot be used on its own. To use D919 you must also have a head unit such as M919 and MJ919. If you want a unit that can be used on its own, please choose the Z919.

        Q.I only have a space for 1 DiIN size, can I set up a MP3 system?
        A.Z919 has MP3 decoder with a CD player, 45W x 4 high out put amo, tuner etc, so by using just the Z919 on its own you can set up a MP3 compatible system.

        2.about MP3 data

        Q.What kind of MP3 files can be played with D919 and Z919?
        A.Both D919 and Z919 will play MP3 files created with ISO9660 level 1 or 2 (exc extended format). If any other format is used, files may not be played/displayed properly. The file type is recognised by its extension. Hence when using a Mac to create a MO3 file you must add ".mp3" extension to the file name.

        Q.How will MP3 file/folder name be displayed?
        A.Both file and folder name will be displayed using capital alphabet letters, numbers, underscore + extended characters (max 31). Japanese will not be displayed.

        Q.When making a MP3 file can I make for example artist folder, album folder?
        A.Folders can be 8 folders deep, so you can make a separate folders per separate album as if having a CD-changer. However the play order cannot be guaranteed.

        Q.Is there a limit to the number of folders/file?
        A.Both has limit of 253 each.

        Q.Is there a MP3 file bit rate limit?
        A.No, but we recommend over 128kbps bit rate.

        Q.Can a CD-R disc that has both audio data (CD-DA) and MP3 data be played?
        A.If both formats are mixed, the first that is recognized is played, so both cannot be played.

        Q.Can CD-R that has MP3 data added be played? (???)

        Q.Is it ID3-Tag compatible?

        Q.Is it m3u play list compatible?

        Q.Is it joint stereo compatible?
        A.Yes compatible with "Stereo", "Joint stereo", "Dual channel" and "Single channel".

        Q.Is it emphasis compatble?

        Q.What sampling rate compatibility like?
        A.As below
        MPEG1 48k 44.1k 32k
        MPEG2 24k 22.05k 16k
        MPEG2.5 12k 11.03k 8k


        Q.Is it OK to play a CD-R made with a personal computer on Z919, D919?
        A.It is designed to use a CD-R/RW made from PCs, so yes it is OK.

        Q.Can I select the MP3 data folders directly? Please show me how to do this.
        A.General control on Z919 is by using the cross key (for D919 on its connected head unit). Up, down selects folders, left/right selects files. The 10 key (Num key) can be used to select a track directly. e.g. if there are 60 MP3 tracks in this folder; by pressing "5, 3 + Forw" it will select the 53rd track. However the track number is per folder, so you must pre select the folders using the appropriate control.