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Directly hooking the sound card to the speakers

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  • Directly hooking the sound card to the speakers

    I've looked through the previous postings and was surprised this was never discussed. Or I might have just missed it...

    Is there a way to directly hook up the sound card of the computer to the speaker system in the car, without going through a headunit? I don't want any cdplayers or tapedecks in my car... just the mp3 player. Or would this be too difficult ..? Thanks.

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    You could buy an amp and run it directly into that. I did this becuase I also wanted no head unit.


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      yes is can be done but, the soundcard does not produce enuff wattage to properly power your speakers. However, u can run the soundcard directly to an amp, and then run the amp directly to the speakers, and for something like that u can get away with buying a $30 low power amp. Which would have ample power to drive factory speakers (most factory speakers can handle about 25 watts rms, most stock factory head units only provide 7-10 watts per channel)


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        Or you could be really fancy and run an optical out from your PC into a Dolby Digital decoder such as the Alpine PXA-H510.. That is the system I am putting together with no headunit. That way you can do surround for DVDs (you didn't mention what kind of interface you are doing.) I am having the 10.4" touch screen that we are all talking about right now mounted in the car to control the whole system (except for volume which must be controlled from the signal processor.) If sound quality is your primary interest then you will want to do something like this as the signal processor will drive an amp a lot better than a sound card will.


        (and yes I know that if you are interested primarily in quality you would prob not be doing lossily compressed MP3s, but still. ^_^)


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          Just an idea but you might be able to run the sound card output into a powered equalizer...if your driving just your factory speakers and dont want to install an amp...Im not sure it would work'd have to find an equalizer with enough power output...


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            I went out to buy this cheap 240 amp on ebay for $39. Thanks guys for all your help. oh one more question.. I want to bypass the power inverter/psu setup. The DC-DC units... do they automatically turn off when you shutdown windows?


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              It depends whether the PS is AT or ATX. The ATX ones will. If your power supply connects to your motherboard with one connector instead of two, you have an ATX motherboard and PS.


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                What kind of amp did you get?

                just wondering



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                  How are you running an optical out from your PC.


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                    the specs are at ebay auction #421712532.... i dont know too much about amps though... but the price seemed right.