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In Dire need of help (install complete but...)

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  • In Dire need of help (install complete but...)

    Hey guys and girls, I have a toyota celica GT, Jap, now heres my problem, i have a duron based pc, normal tower running from a belkin power inverter, now my head unit WAS a kenwood and i have just replaced it with a Pioneer but this is where my problems began, you see the screen was fine but when you turn up the volume it flickers, maybe because i was running it from the supply used on the amp so i re-wired it accross the cigarette lighter, now i thorght i smelt burning do rewired it back but heres the clincher, when the inverter isn't running i.e the ignition is off the screen shows blue with AV1/AV2 in the top corner with no distortion (screen is wired through the ignition, same point as stereo) but assoon as i turn the ignition switch i get interference!, really distorted picture, can read but really badly distored with specks all over the screen now if i run the car but the inverter is OFF no interference so i can only assume its from the inverter, now this runs from the cigarette lighter but before the swop the whole thing worked fine!, please help i have just spent the last 3 hours in the car in the sun going mad, any ideas? ANYTHING would be helpful.

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    Electrical noise filter/regulator?
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