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using a sound mixer for aux in ?

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  • using a sound mixer for aux in ?

    I was wondering if it's possible to use a 2 channel sound mixer(u know the one that Dj's use to fade between tracks) to connect 2 diffrent devices (head unit and mp3)directly to a car amp and just fade between them when u want to hear only one of them(u caN also just shut one off and fade to the 2nd one) that way you will also have control over the mp3 volume.
    Anything that might go wrong?

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    BTW about the power it has a 9v battery and either way I have an inverter to connect to it if I want to power it from the battery.


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      ya sure, that should work. you might have some ground loop noise on it tho. A trip to radio shack for a ground loop isolator would fix any noise you encounter
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        Where do I connect this isolator to? between the mixer and the amp?
        Thanks for the reply BTW