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    An interesting barebones Celeron based pc that has a very small (and upright) footprint, network card built in but no serial ports (save for PS2 keyboard and PS2 mouse). Might be worth a look if anyone is starting anew. I have purchased one for my auto mp3 player and removed the cdrom and floppy drive for use elsewhere.

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    If you are interested in these units let me know I can configure it the way you want it. I'll also try to make it as affordable as possible. You will be impessed by its size!

    For a very limited time I will offer the following kits at a low price if you mention MP3CAR with your order.

    BOOKPC, AMD 500, 32 MB SDRAM, 52x CDROM and an 8.4 gig HD for $490

    BOOKPC, Celeron 433, 32 MB SDRAM, 52x CDROM and an 8.4 gig HD for $500

    Don't forget to say you saw the prices here! If you want to work out a config plus or minus somethings email me.

    [email protected]


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      Where can i see one of these?


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        BookPC - Celeron 500 - 128 MB - 10 GB - Pioneer Slot DVD
        IRMan: 1 Pioneer Remote; 2 Credit Card Remotes - USB Keypad - RF Keyboard
        5.8" LCD - 40 x 4 Backlit LCD Display
        Running: WinME - Winamp Album List 1.36 Plugin - PCRemoteControl - PowerDVD 3.0


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          There is an extensive review at


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            In case anyone is having problems with the url link.....Clicking on the link for Dansdata doesn't seem to work for me but it is valid and works if I type it in the location window.


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              Prolly 'cos there's a full stop on the end.


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              Old Systems retired due to new car
              New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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                Another possibility for BookPC sized systems is from Amptron. The BKi810 uses a similar Intel 810 chipset. You can pick them up with a 52x CD drive, no CPU/RAM/HD for less than $200 bucks. I've seen them around for $190.


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                  just my opinion pcchips suck

                  ive got a old m/b and its the worst purchace i have ever made

                  before you buy one read the fine print about the ram slots you may be suprised to find that you cannot put in more than 1 ram chip if using the onboard video card

                  sorta like the old hp computers


                  stay away from pc chips they may be cheap but thats cause they are crap



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                    This is kinda off topic but, I was wondering if it was possible to use the lcd screen out of an I-Opener system and use it in a Book Pc system!!! If anyone knows how to do this I want to know!!!


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                      Actually it is something I just started to look into. There are a large number of IOpener websites with hacks out there but so far no one that has used the screen as a stand alone.


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                        I know that you can use the lcd as a stand alone unit. You just have to get a lcd controler card for it. But if anyone could do it useing the book pc I want to know how.


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                          The i-opener lcd is junk, don't waste your time. I think a 4x40vfd is about the best car display to date.
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