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Getting a stop message.

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  • Getting a stop message.

    Hello all,

    My car computer is up and running, but not in the car yet. I have it hooked to a normal monitor and I've been using it as a 'jukebox' until I get it installed in the car.

    My motherboard is an ATX form with a 1.2 Duron processor. I think I've loaded all the drivers and everything correctly. I have an 80 gig Maxtor HDD, DVD player, nVIDIA video card, 256 meg SDRAM. My power supply is a 300w AC that is going to be changed out later when it goes in the car. All of this is running on WindowsXP Pro.

    I have everything set up nicely and I'm using MediaCar, although I have a few other front ends loaded as well, and I'm trying them all.

    I'm getting a few different stop messages. Stop 0XA. Stop 0X1a. Stop OX50. Not at the same time. The most common one I get is the 0XA. This happens while I'm usually playing music. Not actually using the computer in any way. In the middle of a song, the song will stop (different songs). The clock on MediaCar is still running, but the counter for time has stopped. The next button I press produces the BSOD. I have Windows set up to no restart on failure so I can actually SEE the BSOD. Before that it would immediately restart.

    Now, from what I've read of Microsofts articles, they have it narrowed down to EVERYTHING from software, to corrupt memory, to bad drivers, to things I don't even understand.

    I was going to try formatting the C drive and reloading Windows to see if that fixes it. Then perhaps trying different memory. The board accepts both SDRAM and DDR (not at the same time).

    I don't think this is a virus, although I haven't checked. This computer is not hooked up to any network or internet. I've had this problem long before Sasser or other recent worms.

    Sorry for the long read, I'm just trying to include as much information as I can. I was just wondering if anybody has had any similar problems and could point me in a direction.

    Many thanks for the help.
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    If you have spare memory laying arround, I would try testing it out before formatting your drive and reinstalling everything.... cause if that's all it was, it'd be alot less work.

    If you're getting these stop messages while playing music... I would try uninstalling the sound drivers, and reinstalling them. And maybe just for kicks, try moving your sound card to a different pci slot, both before un/re-installing the sound drivers, and after if that doesn't fix the problem. (unless you have like a sound blaster extigy or some other usb sound device).

    Those are my thoughts for the moment.