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Sound playback issue driving me crazy.

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  • Sound playback issue driving me crazy.

    Last weekend I bottomed out on a big dip going at... excessive speeds. Computer reset. Scan disk never got past 0%. Crap. Brought it in the house and it took 3 hours to finish scan disk, but everything was working again, or so I thought.

    All week the playback has been skipping and stuttering. Sometimes it will slow down to half speed and eventually stop.

    I brought in the house again, and tested some stuffs. I ran a HDD test... transfers about 2-4 MiB/s. Not fast, but easily fast enough to play mp3s. I played MP3's off the hard drive from a networked PC, and everything worked fine. Don't think it's a hard drive issue.

    I've tried both Winamp and Foobar, my SB Extigy and onboard sound. Everything stutters, playing from the carpc's hard drive or another networked hard drive.

    Everything seems normal, winamp uses <2% of the cpu, and the rest goes to idle processes.

    ARBY... GO... C R A Z Y !!!

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    Ok... I played a video file from another computer. The video stream was fine, and the audio was all jumpy.

    What the heck is going on?