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LCD 4x40 contact points melted away?

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  • LCD 4x40 contact points melted away?

    I tried soldering the wires to the lcd panels and it seems like it melted? i didn't think that the metal would have such a low melting point so i did not give this a thought, but it seems like this is what happened becuase i don't see the contact point anymore. my question is , is it possible to melt away the contact points if i use a 25 watt soldering and i leave it on the points for at most 2 min? i don't even think i left it on that long at times.. if so.. is there anyway to replace that panel, which im assuming is the hd44780 controller? do anyone else have any ideas how i can fix the lcd? any help would really be appreciated... thanks..

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    They didn't melt away, you probably cooked them until they came off the board and stuck to your iron. Soldering takes some practice; keep the heat to a minimum, use a clean tinned tip, and pre-tin the pad and the wire. Hold the wire on the pad with one hand, hold the iron with another hand and when the iron touches the wire/pad feed in a little solder with your third hand.
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