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GM Remote CD player slot

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  • GM Remote CD player slot

    My two year old jammed a bunch of pennies into the CD slot of my wife's Yukon, and the player no longer... plays. I can either buy a replacement off eBay for $100 or so, or....

    Here's a thought, I could put something like a c134 Travla in the hole instead, except smaller.

    I think the remote CD player is the same dimensions as a 5 1/4" drive (instead of a 1 DIN slot), so I was wondering if anyone knew of a case that can hold a mini-itx motherboard and a slimline DVD player that'll fit in a 5 1/4" hole? I could put a power supply elsewhere. We're putting LCD monitors in the headrests, so I'd want to pipe the video to those. The TV-out on the M10000 seems like it would do the job.

    Second, my wife notes that she would need a method for controlling the CD player when she puts in a CD, but she doesn't want a monitor, so I'd need a remote of some sort.

    Any thoughts? Is any of this feasible?

    Does anyone know the ACTUAL dimensions of the remote CD player in a 1999 Yukon? I think it's the same as this:
    Chrysler 300 - Fabricating