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Video out or VGA to RCA?

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  • Video out or VGA to RCA?

    What wold be the best. i just got my 4" LCD and was playing with the video out on my ATI. the picture is fuzzy but looks great on dvd. is it worth while to buy a VGA to RCA converter?


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    Wouldn't help any. The picture's blurry becuase of the screen, not the video card. Those tiny lcd's don't have the resolution of a computer monitor.



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      I thought they were blurry because of the RCA inputs, and that if you got the same size LCD with VGA input (RGB, something like that), it would look much better. Have I been mislead?
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        Any LCD that uses RCA composite video connectors is going to be fuzzy. Those screens are designed specificaly for video (TV). In order to get a crisp display, like you'd see on a desktop LCD display, you need an LCD that supports VGA connections. Using a VGA to RCA adapter will not help. I bought a composite LCD at first, but after seeing how fuzzy it looked, i shipped it back and went with the VGA screen. Yes - they are more expensive, but worth it.