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Need a short dvd drive

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  • Need a short dvd drive

    I'm putting my system together and I found out the hard way that I can't fit a PCI card and a cdrom drive in my case at the same time.

    It's a great case

    The drive seems to be approx 1" too long. It's a samsung combo drive, so it's about 7.25" (180mm) long. I could just remove the front of the case and let it hang out, but that's just a smidgen too ghetto for me. I searched google for a shorter drive, and 170 seems to be as short as they come.

    Any ideas??

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    try get on of those cable based pci risers, should give you some flexibility to move stuff around
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      Another option would be to use a laptop dvd drive with an ide adapter. They are generally about 1/2" wider and deeper than a cd/dvd.
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        I just bought a Lite-On DVD±RW (SOHW-812S). It is a fair amount shorter than the CD-RW drive that it replaced. I don't think it was an inch shorter though.

        Check the Lite-On site for the specs. If it looks like it will be close, I can measure mine for you.