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i need tips to hasten startup!!!

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  • i need tips to hasten startup!!!

    i hear the first song from winamp 56 secs to be precise after turning on the computer. my system consists of: 32 md sdram, a pentium celeron 466, Win98 OS, winamp (not set as shell). I need tips to slash down the starting time.

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    Aye, you must really be doing something wrong because I hear my first song in exactly 55 secs . I've tried all of the stuff mentioned in the websites I posted in an earlier thread (see fast bootup thread in software section) and they didn't seem to do much good. I even used one of those programs that analyzes the bootup log and didn't see anything out of order. You could save a few seconds if you disable your memory check, but I haven't found a way to do that with my Award BIOS. Some people in this group have also suggested setting your player up as the Win98 shell, but I haven't tried that yet.

    If you find anything that works let me know and I'll do the same.


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      Go into msconfig (in win98) and on the startup tab.. disabled EVERYTHING you can.. i disabled everything and set my shell to winamp.. my startup takes 35 seconds.. and 15 of that is my slow-*** BIOS POSTing.. I also took out all the fonts I didnt need (they are loaded into memory on boot)..
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        First off, go to and download the freeware basic 98lite windows util. install and this will strip out explorer, which creates the mass wait while windows loads up.

        next if you are running a network card, disable this puppy when your box is in the vehicle. This is in the system menu of the control panel. simply check-mark the "disable in this profile" box and you are good to go.

        You should now gain 20 seconds, easy.



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          i dont find using the winamp.exe as shell because i would fiind trouble looking for XING in case i want to watch video through vcd. tnx.


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            cant use winamp as shell, I also need to run other programs like XING when i want to watch video through VCD.

            anyways anybody here residing in ASIA, where I could place order for a numeric keypad. NOBODY, and I mean nobody here in the philippines knows a thing about numeric keypad. seen on in, but its overpriced at $30, shipment not yet included.


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              I tried running Winamp as shell. It didn't seem to speed things up at all.


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                I have my mp3 player booting with a network interface card running win95 . I boot in 40 seconds. I have an alton 571mlr board. Have few mp3s on my HD (cd and floppy are disabled) , I rotate about 4 hours worth of music on my hd via network


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                  When you change the shell program, you can run other programs besides Winamp. Just create a start.bat, and use that as the shell. Then in the start.bat file, have it load Winamp along with whatever else you need (GPS, whatever). I've noticed that changing the shell speeds up W95 a bit, but does little to speed up 98lite.