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  • Mouse Remote - Max 10 Software

    I have just gotten my X-10 MouseRemote and based on discussions in earlier threads decided to use the MAX10 software rather than the software that came with the mouse. Unfortunately, I have been unable to program the keys on the remote despite having carefully followed the MAX10 instructions. The remote is apparently working because I can move the cursor with the mouse. Anyone have experience with that setup that I could bounce some questions off of?

    Also, I would like to be able to play specific songs based on the Winamp Song# and would also like to be able to load playlists (each album = 1 playlist). I have found no way in Winamp to go to a song based on number? Is it possible to do what I'm trying to do using MouseRemote and Max10 Software?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Make sure that you didn't install the mouse remote software. Then go to the Max10 website and download and install the Winamp profile. You should then be able to select buttons which aren't doing anything to load playlists.


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      max10 software sounds interesting. where can i get it? i couldnt find it with yahoo and infoseek. thanks for any leads.


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        You can download the Max-10 software at

        This is actually a very good program. My problem was that I didn't have a second mouse hooked up so Win 98 and the Max-10 software thought the MouseRemote receiver was a regular mouse. I simply hooked another mouse to the PS/2 port and the MouseRemote and Max-10 worked perfectly.


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          I just got the x10 and it works perfect but doesn't work with the Max10 software. I looked on the max10 support and found out it doesn't support PS/2. Unfortnately I don't have serial (BookPC). Anyone have any ideas of what software I can use with x10 that supports PS/2?



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            Don't use Max10. Its just one big pain in the ***. Go with something that's really easy. GO to and do a search on a plugin called ampapod.

            It's so easy to setup that it'll blow yer mind. :-)

            - JustAGuy


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              Ampapod is dead. The site is gone and will never be back. I think the guy who made it had something to do with developing Max10. Anyways, if you get it to work, Max10 is far better than Ampapod. For one - you still can use it as a mouse and control Winamp at the same time. Another benefit is that you can control your PC's master volume, not just Winamp's volume. You can also program it to use other apps besides winamp.

              Crow -
              Try a USB to serial adapter.


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                Both Max10 and Ampapod are for serial or comm ports. I only can only use x10 with PS/2.

                Lifter, I've tried the USB to Serial Adapter both with the Irman and X10 and it gave me problems. It would recognize the signal for the first 2 minutes than after that it wouldn't work.


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                  Really? I've had problems with mine too, but I did get it to work with my old IRMan (I use it for my DVD player).


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                    If anybody wants the Ampapod plugin, I still have it as the orignal zip file I downloaded. I just received my replacement x10 remote (the first one's receiver died), and it stil works great.


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                      I have installed the x-10,the remote works. but it will not let me program the buttons.
                      the config is not on the task bar or in control\x-10\properties.