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  • help with in car multimedia

    i have this problem with my TV in my car. it has minijacks (same ones as headphones) for the audio and for the video. well, my dvd player and playstation use RCA cables. i bought stereo RCA to minijack conversions and also a Y splitter so i could get both left and right audio. well, the video works fine, but the sound crackles a lot. and it seems to be only going to the left side, no matter what. i thought it could possibly be the fm modulator, but i've tried plugging in other things like a regular cd player and having it output to my tv, and it works fine (that's minijack to minijack). it just seems that whenever i use RCA cables and convert to minijack, that something goes wrong and i get the annoying crackling and mono sound effect? is there any cure to this? how do the other people setup their tv/dvd players?

    ok, so i went to the stereo shop yesterday, and the guy sold me this other cable to plug into the back and it still did the crackling. he was saying that it wasn't because of the cables or anything and it was because i needed to ground my dvd/playstation. is this true? how do i ground a dvd player or a playstation to my car???

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    Does the craclking occurr when you are moving the cables? or all the time?

    If it's all the time, your outputs may be pre-amplified, and the reciever (the device recieving the audio signal) may be further amplifying the signal .. introducing x^3 more noise.

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      Make sure the "Y" adaptor you got has a MONO 1/8" male plug on the TV side, not a stereo plug. Most small TV's do not output a stereo signal, so if you try using a stereo "Y" splitter with it you will end up with a signal in one RCA and none in the other.

      Try using a mono "Y" adaptor and see if that helps. Also, if you have the expertise needed, you may want to check the solder connection inside the TV at the 1/8" jack. These jacks are notorious for coming unsoldered in small devices like tape players and portable TV's.


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        Yea try to ground them. The best way I can think of is to ground the rca output of them. The outside of the conector should be grouned. Check it with a meter and see if it is grounded when the wire is only plugged into the TV. Use a meter that mesures ohms or a continuity tester. Put one lead to the car ground and one to the outside of the RCA conecter on the end of the wire.

        Another reason for the problem could be the impedence. Have you ever tried to hook a headphone output of a tape deck to a microphone input off a sound system you will know what I meen. It sounds like crap! The tape player hase a realy low inpedence, meant to run 8-16 ohm headphones. The sound system is meant to run 1000 or so ohm mics.


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          The crackling can also be causes by the 1/8" jack. They don't stand up to vibration that well.

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