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amplified sound or line out???

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  • amplified sound or line out???

    I gotta a question for those who are good with sound quality. My bookpc does not have a line out therefore the sound that comes from the speaker out is amplified. I have heard somewhere that it's best if the audio sound going into the head unit is not amplified (line out). Is there somekind of program or hardware that I can use to go from amplified to line out?? will this make sound quality better or louder?
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    The speaker out of the card usually isn't as good quality as the line out. It is usually louder though. There would be some point on the mainboard before the output amplifier where the line out signal would exist. You could tap off the signal at this point if you dont mind some fine soldering. To find this point you could get the data sheet for the sound chip ot the amplifier chip on the mainboard. However I wouldnt go to this much trouble unless you find the sound quality not up to scratch.


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      the easiest thing to do would be to adjust the volume to roughly 1/4 of the way up.

      This should be close to line level.

      Radioshack (and probably some other places) make a Line out converter, it takes a amplified out, and drops it to line level.
      I think it sells for about 20.00 USD
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        Plugging a speaker level signal into a line input is a bad idea as the impedance won't match, no matter what you do with the volume. There are impedance matchers for sale that let you get around that. I got a Pyramid one for around $12.
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          Can you post an example URL or item number of an impedence matcher that would work for this kind of situation?
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