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  • Darn, something happened???

    Still got the CarPC in the house, been running it off a 280 CCA lawn mower battery... the system is a M10000 MB, 48 GB laptop harddrive, slimline DVD, PW-70A PSU, an ITPS and some other non pertainent stuff....

    I have been running the system off the battery for about 1 month now, recharging the battery as needed.... all was fine... A few nights ago I reinstalled Windows XP and then went to the web to download Windows updates.....

    During the internet connection and the installation of the Windows updates, it crapped out, kind of like the battery went dead..... Well over the past few nights I have been recharging the battery and hoping it would boot up....

    It won't boot up... it displays the Via screen, and I can get into the BIOS and let it sit there for ever, all functions normally..... But if I let it go into Windows, I never see the IDE and IRQ etc screen.... then I see the Windows XP splash screen... all looks good so far......

    Here is the bad part... the Windows XP splash screen is displayed for about 5 seconds, it goes blank, then the Via screen comes up again... it will do this over and over.... it never gets into Windows XP...

    Any ideas????

    Thanks in advance.

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    restart it in safe mode. It sounds like it's just looping through booting and loading windows. I just got that after installing an update from one of my inhouse computers. Until I uninstalled the update it would not work. It's not likely it's the same problem but it couldn't hurt to try. I think if you hit F8 while booting it should give you the option to boot in safe mode.

    - Kyle