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    Hi Everyone,

    I need some advice regarding the connectors for my OEM Navigation Head Unit (I have a 2003 Toyota 4Runner).

    Here is a link to pictures & pin descriptions (basically what I know so far)

    What I am looking for is a confirmation (or information) regarding the pin descriptions I listed. The names of each pin (e.g. ACC+B) are out of the schematics book, so I know they are correct. What I'm interested in is what each of these pins actually *does* (i.e. the pin description that I listed in parentheses).

    I also am trying to find out where I can purchase these connectors. I am interesting in creating a pass-thru type of interface, but in order to do that, I need to purchase connectors! So, if any of you know who might manufacture them, please let me know. The head unit/navigation screen is made by Fujitsu Ten.


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    Here is some information for the connectors listed on your site. This is from the 04 wiring manual. According to the manual, "not all of the part numbers of the connectors are established for the supply."

    Label, Color, Pins, Toyota P/N (My own description of the connector)
    Pin Color Signal-Name Description

    R9 Gray 5 90980-11909 (Sensor signals)
    1 Green PKB - Parking Break. This signal is grounded when parking break switch is closed. Floats otherwise.
    3 Violet/Red SPD - Generated from the Speedometer. Most likely this is the Vehicle speed sensor pulse line.
    5 Red/Yellow REV - Reverse Signal. This signal is tied to +12v when the Park/Neutral switch is closed.

    R8 Black 10 90980-11923 (Video and Communications)
    1 yellow VR - Connects to Nav ECU
    2 Black R - Connects to Nav ECU
    3 Red B - Connects to Nav ECU
    5 Red TX+ - Multiplex communications bus + signal to Nav ECU
    6 Shield around wires on pins 1,8,3,7,2 VG - Connects to Nav ECU
    7 White G - Connects to Nav ECU
    8 Green Sync - Connects to Nav ECU
    10 Green TX- - Multiplex communications bus - signal to Nav ECU

    R7 Blue 6 90980-12209 (DVD Changer Video)
    3 Pink VAL+ - Connects to NTSC signal on DVD Automatic Changer
    6 Light Blue ADPG - Connects to SGND on DVD Automatic Changer
    5 Shield around wires on pins 3,6 VA- - Connects to SLD2 on DVD Automatic Changer

    R6 White 4 90980-12211 (Reverse Camera Video and Power)
    1 Black V+ - Connects to Television Camera (Probably composite video signal)
    2 Red CA+ - Connects to Television Camera
    3 Shield around wires on pins 1,2,4 V- - Connected to Television Camera (Video Ground)
    4 White GND - Connects to Television Camera (Power Ground)
    ** There are no other connections to the camera so pin 2 is probably the power line.

    R12 White 20 90980-12038 (Power, Audio Outputs)
    11 Gray ACC - Accessory Switch - +12V when key is at ACC position
    1 Light Blue on Yellow +B - Battery +12V
    13 Black ANT - +12V Power to Antenna Amplifier
    9 Red L+ - Left channel audio to audio amplifier
    19 Green L- - Left channel audio to audio amplifier
    8 Black R+ - Right channel audio to audio amplifier
    18 White R- Right channel audio to audio amplifier
    10 Shield around 9,19,8,18 SGND - Common ground for audio signals, connects to amplifier
    5 Black TX+ - Multiplex communications + transmisison signal to Amplifier
    15 White TX- Multiplex communications - transmission signal to Amplifier
    7 White/Red MUTE - Mute signal to amplifier

    R11 White 12 90980-12183 (Rear audio controller, DVD Changer Audio)
    6 Pink Mute - Mute signal from rear audio controller
    9 Red TX+ - Multiplex communications + signal to rear audio controller
    10 Green TX- Multiplex communications - signal to rear audio controller
    2 Black R+ - Right audio input lines from DVD changer
    3 White R- ...
    4 Red L+ Left ...
    5 Green L- Left ...
    1 Shield around 2,3,4,5 SLD - Shield connects to DVD Auto Changer

    R10 White 20 90980-12259 (Rear Controller Audio, Steering wheel controls)
    15 Black RSR+ - Audio signals to Rear audio controller
    16 White RSR- - ...
    17 Red RSL+ - ...
    18 Green RSL- - ...
    14 Shield SLD1 - Shied around audio signals to rear audio controller
    19 Violet RMU - Mute signal to rear audio controller
    7 Violet/White SW1 - Seek+/-, Vol+/- Inputs from Steering wheel audio controls
    6 White/Red GND - Ground from Steering wheel audio controls
    8 Yellow/Black SW2 - Mode input from Steering wheel audio controls

    ** The TX+/- Lines connect to the DVD changer through the rear seat audio controller. Either the controller passes control through from the head unit or the DVD changer can only be controlled from the rear seat.
    2004 4runner


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      Wow! Thanks Rando! I updated my page with a lot of your info.

      Where did you get all that? A wiring guide? I wish I had access to all that info!

      Oh, and what exactly are the toyota part #s you are listing? Are they for the wires, or the connectors on the wires, or the connectors on the head unit?


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        Yes, the info is from the wiring manual. Interpreting the signals is just a matter of following where they go. I don't know what you mean when you say you "I wish I had access to all of that." You do now. It's right up there.

        The part numbers are for the connectors on the wires. There are no part numbers given for the connectors on the head unit since the head unit is a part unto itself. I'd guess that Denso / Fujitsu-Ten would have to tell you what/how to get those.
        2004 4runner


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          I have the part numbers for the connectors on the head unit They're in the service repair manual.

          I also wrote to Fujitsu Ten and they said that they don't sell these connectors to the public due to some contract they have with Toyota. Blah.

          But, I think I can go to the dealer and give them the part #s and tell them I need them. I'll have to try that.

          Oh, and what I meant was, I wish I had access to those manuals from square-one! It would've saved some time But, I really appreciate you helping me out, Rando.


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            Yep, I should have just let you "borrow" what you needed. That would have saved me a ton of time interpreting and typing. Oh well, I was planning to study those connectors anyhow.

            If you find you're able to order the wire connectors (or more importantly the head unit connectors), please let me know. Even though the part numbers are listed, I just assume this is something that is difficult/impossible to order.
            2004 4runner


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              Blah. I just went over to my Toyota dealer to order the parts. Out of the ones from the wiring manual, only 4 came up in their database. The part numbers I had (from my service manual) were Fujitsu Ten part numbers, so the Toyota dealer said they weren't in their database. I e-mailed Fujitsu Ten to see if they can be of any help.


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                The four parts that I managed to order should be coming in tomorrow...

                Also, I am going to see a friend of a friend who works as an automotive electronics tech to see if he has any recommendations or advice.

                Lastly, I have decided to take out the rear Navigation ECU (i.e. the computer) and find out its model #, etc. I am thinking of e-mailing Denso to find out some information on the ECU unit. Maybe I can hack it - who knows Anyone know any info on hacking Denso's navigation systems?


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                  see this post for an update on the OEM screen problem

                  Who the hell is general failure?!?
                  And what the f@#k is he doing reading my drive C:\?


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                    Sorry to dig up such an old thread, but I too am looking for the same 10-position connector to extend the clock wiring harness in my Subaru, as well as the square female crimp connectors.

                    Can you provide the part numbers that were given in the service manual?

                    Thanks for your help!


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                      Hey, check out Rando's post above -- the part numbers are in the format #####-#####


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                        Ahh, thanks! I see them hidden there now.

                        Did you have any problem getting the connector and female crimps for it from the dealer?


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                          I actually ended up not picking up the parts from the dealer. Kind of at the last minute I decided they were not all that relevant to my project, since I couldn't get the connectors for the opposite ends (i.e. the connectors that are part of the head unit). Some of the part numbers did not work (they probably changed), but I'm sure that the parts guy at the dealer can help you out with whatever is not correct.

                          Hope that helps!


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                            I've been searching through the net about IEBus and AVCLAN and found this forum.

                            I would like to say, that this connectors you mention, most of them are (also) built by AMP or Tyco, and if you contact your local Tyco dealer with toyota part number, they will, most of the cases, get you their (AMP or Tyco) part number and also some samples for each of the connectors...

                            At least in the past with some other situations I had, they always helped! Even with the so called Toyota exclusive connectors!

                            I'll try to see if my local sales office will get me this info, and will let you know as soon as I have it... But please also try on your location...



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                              In May of 2007, I got the gray (grey?) factory plug for the VSS and reverse sensor wires. It's Toyota part number 90980-11909. Found it on eBay for $15 delivered.

                              I forget the guy's name, but his eBay handle is toyolexnavspec. He seems to have access to all kinds of OEM nav parts.

                              Hope this helps anyone else surfing through in search of connectors.