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  • volvo?

    Anybody here done an install on a volvo? I'm thinking of an in-dash lcd screen, just not sure if i can easily move my controls (air/defrost/etc...) down lower. It's a 240 series sedan. Any ideas?

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    easiest thing to do is take apart your dash and see what is behind it. As far as the climate controls, it depends on how it is set up. If it electronic, you could probably move it. If there are a bunch of levers and mechanisms, it would be pretty tough.


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      Are you suggesting that taking apart a dash is easy?? I wish.
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        The old cars have dashes are made of several parts, today they are made on a unique piece, that makes it very difficult to remove.
        I think Volvo´s belong´s to the second option. Not sure.



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          I'm pretty sure the controls are electronic. If they are, is it fairly easy to move them down to another spot on the dash and remount them there?


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            Some cars are VERY simple to take apart the dash. Some arent. If they are in fact electronic, you should be able to just move the unit to another spot. You may have to extend the wires to make it work. I wish I had electronic climate control!


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              i own a 740 GLE and the controls are mechanical. couldnt move em.... i dont think youd need to. theres a lot of space in there.
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