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pcmcia card reader and pcmcia modem problem

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  • pcmcia card reader and pcmcia modem problem

    Has anyone tried to install a swapbox (SCM Swapbox classic X2) on a desktop
    and get it to recognize a Megahertz 56K modem (3CXM556). The swapbox seems
    to be working fine. Windows 98 recognizes it no problem. The PC Card Icon
    in the Systray shows the Socket connect and disconnect no problem. But I
    just cannot install the modem. The modem installation wizard from 3COM
    (latest driver) will not recognize the modem. It asks me to remove the
    card, wait 5 seconds and replace it. Nothing happens.

    I have no conflicts in my System control panel. I have even removed COM 1
    and 2, disabled them in the BIOS as well just in case the modem needs

    Important point: I know the modem works, I have tried it on a laptop. No problems recognizing the card at all.


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    does the modem work w/o ther other card in ?
    have you tried swaping the slots your using ?
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      Or have you tried another pcmcia card in the card reader? Worth a try. Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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        Hi, thanks for the responses, here are my answers to questions:

        The modem has been tested in a laptop. No problem with the modem.

        Both Card slots have been tested in the card reader. They seem to respond fine by showing the presence of "a card" in their slots under PC Card services in Win98.

        No, another PCMCIA card has not been tried yet in the reader. I don't have one, I will try to borrow one from work today.

        Any other ideas would be helpful, thanks!!!


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          Oh, the swap box is a card reader.... my bad, I thought it was some sort of pcmcia card....

          In anny case, try another card, preferably a different type of card, a flash memory card would be great, because they have drivers built into windows. but try a nic or something....

          Maybe check for updated drivers from Microtech (I cant remember who owns who, I think SMC owns microtech) but I didnt find your product listed on the web pages.... hummm

          I use the Antec Datachute (ISA attached) 16bit interface, but it works great for all my stuff.... I have put USR modems, Wireless cards, even my GPS is pcmcia atached.

          so the reader should work.....Ok, my turn for stupid questions -

          This is a pc-card reader in a desktop, and Im guessing its going into your car.....
          where/how do you plan to use a 56K modem in the car ? If the answer is a cell connection, let me save you some time -

          The "cellular ready" modems, dont get above 19.2 Kbps and thats for a good one. most I have seen get 14.4

          Some specialized packet switched stuff can get 56k, but thats technology propritary(s/p) to the carier & modem card.

          Richocet by Metrocom gets 128Kbps, but has a limited coverage area, specialized modem, and is about to go bankrupt

          I hate to recomend sprint for annything.... because they suck, I *loath* there cust svc dept. and had all kinds of problems with them, but.... you can get a sprint phone, ( I use a samsung sch-xxx) & data cable, and sign up for any basic plan, and get wireless web free for a year...and that will give you a 14.4 Kbps connection w/ no need for a pc card or reader... ( the phone plugs into serial port)

          wow... thats a lot of info, especialy considering Im guessing at the reason you want the modem card to begin with....
          Oh well... if thats not why you want the modem, maybe someone else will find that usefull.
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            To: Gizmo

            Yeah, the modem is Cell compatible. The idea is to get Net access of course. I don't mind the slow conenction. It is only to consult telephone listings, addresses, email. Very simple stuff.

            How much was your card reader and where did you get it?


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              Wow, just realized that info wasnt on my site, humm, time to update web-page.

              I use the <a href=> Antec Datachute </a> purchased from for 89.00
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                I am gonna get the Nokia 7160 in the next few weeks because it has a built in modem. A freind of mine got one and fired it up in a WAP compatible area and got 56k. I dont know about non-WAP areas, but I remember reading that 19.2 was the maximum allowed by US Law
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