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MicroStar concerto large hard drive probs

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  • MicroStar concerto large hard drive probs

    I know all about old mobo's and having to use ez bios or upgrade the bios to use large hard drives.

    Basically im looking for people that have this same mobo, cause this prob is unique.

    I can load a small gig hard drive just fine but it wont load my 45 gig (wont even recognize that it is there) so it wont boot the ezbios even. the board (the model 5150) has dma 33 support so it should work. Ive even updated the bios by flashing it from version 1.3 to the newest version 2.0 . Im sure there is a few people who bought this mobo and have had these probs.

    I know it has to do with the bios though cause if i boot off my linux boot disc it reads the hard drive just fine. Just cause linux doesnt seem to go through the bios. Me and buddy of mine went through every setting and no go. Am i stuck with a controller card?

    Any one out there?

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    Check you LBA Mode Setting on the HD config menu in your bios.

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      I got it to work!!!
      well we tried what you said already previously. Heres what the problem was. the jumper settings for the hard drive. I needed an extra jumper for it. although i set it up to the specs for it originaly it didnt work. I had to search on the website under advanced jumper settings
      ( you would think they would put those in the book) Man five hours of foolin with it last night and just 10 minutes of work this morning to get it working.

      thanks for your reply though