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Sereniti 2000 + Insight Pentium 4 [What psu?]

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  • Sereniti 2000 + Insight Pentium 4 [What psu?]

    Ok so the Sereniti 2000 dosent have a good enouth powersuply for a p4 mobo so what psu am i going to need? i was thinking one that runs off 12v

    < LOL

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    As im a uk person i have found this

    little bit pricy tho


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        I have an Insight P4 mini-ITX board (w/ P4 Celeron 2.4Ghz) and it runs fine off my Arise MPD-810H PSU. The Arise unit provides [email protected] and [email protected] With such large amounts of current on the 5V rail you will have no problems running a bunch of laptop hard drives and usb devices. I ran the celeron, mobo, 3.5 hard drive, and 3.5 cdrom drive all off the 12V rail with no problems (while encoding a divx movie). It regulates 10-30V. Depending on your car's electrical system, it might survive crank.

        It sells for $79.
        1994 RX-7, EPIA P4-ITX w/ Celeron 2.4 Ghz, Arise PSU, Xenarc 700TSV (new model)