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LCD from BG Micro is Cheap! Have few ??'s

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  • LCD from BG Micro is Cheap! Have few ??'s

    I am doing my senior quest on MP3's, so I decided to build an MP3 player. I got everything to work and connected fine.

    I just got the LCD from BG Micro today, and the only problem now is that I do not know where to go from there. It would appreciated if someone can help me. I need to finish to project to I would greatly appreciate your help.

    This is what it said, when i bought it:
    "All the LCD modules have an on-board controller (Hitachi HD44780 or equivalent) that allows the LCD module to interface directly with a 4-bit or 8-bit microprocessor or microcontroller.

    I know I must solder stuff, but not sure exactly what to do...


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    What exactly did you buy from BG Micro? The easiest LCD application BG Micro sells is the PIC-an-LCD. The Kit and an LCD runs about $40 shipped. It comes with instructions on putting it together and testing it out.

    Since you already bought an LCD, you might be able to get away with just buying the PIC-an-LCD kit. I recommend you also get the Accessory Kit for another 4 bux.


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      Well, I am looking at their catalog and they are offering 2 different kits:
      1) Pic-an-LCD
      build your own serial LCD interface with this IC and crystal. The "PIC-an-LCD" is a preprogramable microcontroller IC. It directly interfaces with any LCD that uses HDD4780.
      2) Pic-an-LCD with Driver board kit
      Simply attached the complete driver board kit to the back of the LCD and away you go. It comes with power supply, standoffs, matching connector to the LCD, and instructions.

      I think the Pic-an-lCD w/driver board is a better deal. Do you think it is self explanatory once I get it?

      thanks alOT...



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        Yeah, the PIC-an-LCD with driver board kit is definitely the better deal. It is pretty self-explanatory, but I had to read through the instructions two or three times before I understood what they wanted.