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Need help with External USB Laptop HD

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  • Need help with External USB Laptop HD

    To all,

    The problem I'm having:

    The system is running and I plug in the External USB Laptop HD system recognizes is and everything works fine. I can restart the computer and the system still retains the information about the HD.

    Here is the problem, if I shut down the system completely (ie turn off the car and walk away, come back 15min later) The next time I start it up system boots, loads Win2k but does not recognize the External USB HD???? To get it to recognize it again I have to unplug it the reconnect it.

    So my question is why does it not see the USB HD after shut down??

    Is it a bio’s boot config, or is it Laptop USB config??

    Multiple USB devices that have no connectivity issues

    Update 052604:

    I looked around online and found a site that said a external USB HD drive has to be set as a MASTER on the drive to be detected, tried it and it worked (shut down twice, and drive was recognized after shut down)

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