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Hot car = no boot?

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  • Hot car = no boot?

    I've had my VIA EPIA-M Motherboard in a C134 case running for a few months with no problem, but now that the weather is getting hot and my car is sitting out in the parking lot during work I've begun noticing that sometimes the machine won't boot. If I try to start it up right after I've gotten into the car in the afternoon the power will come on but the machine will not actually start booting. After I turn it off and turn it back on it will start up just fine and come out of hibernation. When the car is cool the box will also start up just fine. Has anyone else had this same problem, and if so what did you do about it?


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    Just a guess since I don't have a VIA EPIA-M board, but most modern PC motherboards have built-in temperature sensors (commonly referred to the CPU and case temperature). BIOS's are usually very liberal on determining if a system will boot-up at a certain temperature. The act of opening your car door after it has been sealed and in the sun will drop the temperature considerably.

    There's almost no way around this problem other than finding a cool airflow to your C134 case while you're away. So I myself am not sure what else to recommend other than telling the BIOS *not* to automatically shut the system off when the temperature is over a certain range provided that the system cools down quickly after you boot it up.


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      Out of curiousity, where is your system mounted in the vehicle? Dash? Trunk? What efforts have you made to cool it so far?

      It's getting to be summer and I have similar worries with the system I want to put in.
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        Currently its sitting behind the driver's seat. Like I said, I'm having no problems with it once the car is started and cooled down. I'm not doing anything special to cool it.