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LCD + control panel almost done

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  • LCD + control panel almost done

    (in progress)

    still needs alot of work..
    but it's getting there.
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    Wow thats nice! Is that a gutted factory radio? Are you going to put that in a din sized enclosure? If so, where do you get the enclosure? Looks pretty clean!


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      Cool. I wish I had some buttons from an old stereo

      I used those fugly red things


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        ya.. it's a severely hacked stock VW cassette deck, all the buttons will be used for most keypad functions, still working on the layout for that..
        the face will be going back on the gutted cassette deck with some new connectors on the back.. parallel + keboard
        that should make it an easy transplant to whatever I drive (lease is up in under a year)..
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          nice work, similar to what i am thinking other than mine will be in a much older car and a 1x16 display.



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            Man... that is beautiful....
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