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    Is there such a thing other than the Cadet Pc radio card out there that has both FM and AM radio that can be put into the Epia boards i.e. usb, pci, pcmcia, SD or am I going to have to do without my AM radio....

    I appreciate any and all assistance.

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    Can't say I've ever seen one... Doubt you'll be able to hear much AM over all those nice squarewaves flooding out of the PC, I can hardly hear AM on my normal car radio over alternator noise and French broadcasts flooding across the channel!

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      This has been asked on the forums at least 3 times before. Try a
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        Here's the one I ordered that uses a serial connection. I haven't received it yet but it has shipped so as soon as I get it in I'll let you know how it works on a PC under Windows XP..



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          Too bad its serial as opposed to USB... I have one serial on my board and that is planned for touchscreen... I have an abundance of USB's though... AM/FM would be nice.


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            I have the serial Radioman FM/AM. I use it on a USB connection through a USB to serial adapter. The Radioman is under $20. The serial to USB is also under $20. Works great.
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