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    I recently came across an old laptop in my basement. Its a Compaq Lite/25. Would anyone know if i could use this screen as a possible Visual screen for my car mp3 system?

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    I've got the same, it would be a great idea... But as i am not an Electronic freak
    I can't help...



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      Hi, i have my self been on the same quest ..

      Generally, the first advice is to figure out as much as you can about your screen.

      Your second problem is the controller that you will usually need, (some will run of rgp vga), but most requires a seperat controller.

      Check out for controllers. When in doubt email them, and ask them.

      However before you annoy them to much , be aware that the controllers are fairly expensive about 200 $, i think ??

      My personal opinion is, for automotive use, by an entire new screen, parts-express has a very nice 5", and there are several other companies that are capable of delevering nice screen at descent prices.
      If you are looking for a big screen, then the controller maybe worth it.

      Another detail is the backlight inverter. This one can usually be ripped from the portable, but not always. these screens runs on higher voltages than your computer does (5/12 v).

      Good luck to both of you