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Making USB Cables (Crimping Ends)

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  • Making USB Cables (Crimping Ends)

    How easy is it to make your own USB cable?

    I have one of the StarVision monitors and it came with this 3' USB cable sticking out of it for the TouchScreen. The problem is, it's TOO LONG. :\

    I'd like to hack the cable in half and then put the end (or another end from Fry's?) on and make the cable shorter.

    How easy is this, how do I do it, and is it worth doing it or will I mess this up really badly?


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    it should be easy... u cut the cable where u want it to end... then cut off the male usb end part (leaveing like 3 inches or so)... then u strip some of the coating off... and then u solder the wires together... (or if u dont have a soldering iron.. twist them tightly then put some electrical wire or sometihng around them...

    i think theres 4 wires for usb.. usually a red, green, and black..and ground... (i think)..
    so just make sure u connect red to red... etc..

    heres an example -
    if u search google im sure u can get pics and stuff if u dont understand how to do it...
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      Hmmm, I hadn't considered just cutting the wire out of the center, and splicing it back together. Good idea.

      I was hoping there was an easier way, though, like just cutting it shorter and crimping a new endpiece on.

      I suppose this will work, but I will need to get some heat shrink probably to protect the solder joints, or maybe just lots of electrical tape, as you suggest.


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        Attaching a new end would be better but for such a short run, you won't have any problems splicing it in the middle.
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