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DVD drive problems... Anyone have any ideas?

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  • DVD drive problems... Anyone have any ideas?

    I have started looking into ripping my DVD's to HDD in plans for my carputer... I have 30-40 DVD's and want as many as possible on there along with my whole CD collection... anyway, here is my problem...

    I started researching at and found DVD Decryptor along with a slew of other utilities... I have updated my ASPI driver and seems to be installed correctly according to one of the untilities... I have checked to see that my DVD ROM Firmware is updated (Pioneer DVD-116R)... the drive came with my Sony Vail computer... worked fine up until I installed XP... anyway, when I have a DVD in the drive and try running DVD Decryptor, it says "Media not ready, tray open" or something like that... I have double checked that I am on the correct drive (have seperate CDRW and DVD ROM drives)... still no workie...

    Anyone have suggestions? I have done some searching around and have had ZERO luck. I know this isn't my Carputer, but figured there are some talented computer people here... maybe you can help... THANKS in advance!


    Coach... aka Randy!
    Coach... aka Randy! (I often forget who I really am!) ;)

    ***Too many pieces and parts to list... maybe someday I'll show'm to ya!***