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  • Radio Shack Fusion Cables Clearance

    I normally don't recommend radio shack or even frequent the store however, I happened to be dropping in for an automotive relay and noticed a huge clearance sale. It seems Shack is being sued for using the name "Fusion" (according to sales clerk) on their high end line of cables and are being forced to change the name.

    Because of this issue, Shack is clearing out their entire line for dirt cheap. I honestly can not believe the prices. For instance, a 3 foot toslink cable for 6 bucks (equivilent in quality to Monster's high end models from what I had seen.) Radio Shack takes clearance items off their web site so the only way to get them is locally. So it seems like now is a good time to upgrade your carpc av cables or home theater.

    Hopefully this helps someone out. I wish I knew sooner.

    PS Mods if this is in the wrong forum I apologize. Also I do not work for Radio Hack