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  • XM PCR Antenna

    Ok, to all you XM PCR owners. What type of antenna do you use?

    I have been using the Antenna that comes with it, but this is 'very' directional and when mounted inside the car I can only get the Satalite signal when driving in a specfic direction.


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    I'm using the antenna that came with it also, I'm down south in southern texas so I get a really good signal all the time. never been less than 70% even in the garage. I know of an antenna called the Blitzsafe Micro. From what I've read from others who use it, it's one of the best for mobile XM. Check this out.
    Not terribly expensive either. I was going to buy it just because it's small.
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      The one Chut provided the link to works VERY good.... I don't have the XM in the car yet, but using that antenna in the house, and I mean in the house, basically no direct line of site to the sky.... It works great.

      I keep the antenna on the window sill. But two feet outside the window is a wood privacy fence and like I said there is basically no line of site to the sky and it gives a great sat. signal strength. Now surprisingly terrestrial strength ivaries alot and often is not existent.... But I really don't understand the terriestrial setup.... where the transmitters are or what kind of signal it is...

      Try it, you will like it.