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Using Dos + Hard drive?

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  • Using Dos + Hard drive?

    Is it possible to use Dos with a hard drive for a MP3Car system? I'm not worried about having a monitor or lcd screen just want the basics. Any known programs? Would an old 486 then run this?
    Otherwise it's Dear Santa!!

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    dear santa? get a job. pentium motherboards are cheap. got mine with a 233MMX for $100, anyone can meet that budget.


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      No wonder people are afraid to ask questions around here when all they get is smart-*** answers. Anyhow, Fish, there are a lot of people who use DOS with their MP3 players, but chances are your old 486 won't play MP3s. The only 486s that I can imagine would play MP3s are the 90-100Mhz ones. And even at that, it would be a stretch. A Pentium 75 is about the slowest processor that will play MP3s, so there's a chance a 486/100Mhz would, but I kind of doubt it. retorical was right, albiet a bit rude about it. You're much better off buying a midrange Pentium.


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        Cheers Jupiter,
        Thought that may be the case. I have a p166 but it is currently my main PC. I'll just have to upgrade, what a shame.
        Kinda easy ignoring posts that just aren't worth reading, you seem to get used to it fairly quickly!


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          I just got a p-75 and it will play mp3s and run the winamp LCD plugin . It takes about 10 seconds to jump to a track and the IR-MAN plugin is just as slow, if not slower. Im going to try to find a computer shop that will install a old 133 chip I have.


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            Heya, I bought following -

            K6-2 266: $40
            CPU FAN: $11
            32MB: $49

            Plays MP3s beautifully...

            ps: the place I bought these components also have a mother board w/ onboard video and sound for $59...

            <a href=""></a>


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              has anyone tried Linux (I'm trying to figure out how to put together MP3 jukeboxes for home and the car) and I have a couple of old 486 (as well as pentiums lying around (i'd rather use the paper weights ...I mean the 486's besides the "upkeep" the kernnel can be made small requiring low overhead and on certain tasks I've seen my Linux boxes our perform (a dx40 and a dx50 and my most recent aqquisition <sp?> an Overdived 486 (still havent worked on that one) but somehow I don't see why it wouldn't work (may require excluding x windows but who really cares? is this a viable solution???


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                Jason26 -

                Yes, Linux is a very viable solution to an in-car MP3 player. I plan on using it in the final version of my commercial car PC, and am comparing various Linux flavors to find the best one for me. So far number 1 is Linux Mandrake, which is basically Red Hat with enhancements. You could customize the kernel such that the MP3 player WAS at the heart of the operating system where it could use as much of the CPU as it wanted to. Unless you plan on using a color LCD, you could cut out X Windows and all the other stuff (like httpd, etc.) you wouldn't need for a car MP3 system.

                The only thing that you might want to watch out for with Linux is:

                - Popular GPS software is not readily available for Linux (yet). Most of the good GPS programs run only under Windows

                - USB support isn't very stable at the moment. I heard this in person from the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds. But this isn't a big deal if you don't plan on using the USB port for networking or anything. Linux has great ethernet support.

                Overall, Linux is a lot more stable and efficient than Windows. It is very flexible and easily customizable, plus it's FREE. One of the biggest problems I've run into with my commercial car PC is the Windows license. I don't want to add another $80 to the cost of my system just because of Windows. But on the other hand I don't want to get in trouble for distributing copies of Windows without a license... Linux solves this problem nicely

                I was at the LinuxWorld Expo in San Jose, CA in July and there are a lot of major players investing time and money into furthering Linux. Sun, IBM, Digital (Compaq), as well as Cobalt and others were there showing off their latest Linux-based hardware & tools.

                Also, another company, Empeg, Ltd. ( is using Linux for their in-car MP3 player. This company was started by the guy who had perhaps the first car MP3 player, Hugo Fiennes.


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